We Create Environments Where Students Can Connect With Friends and Mentors, Pursue Jesus, and Respond in Worship

 Environments Where Students Can Experience Transformation at Their Level.

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Wednesdays 6:30p – 8:15p

Starting September 16, 2015

The Rock (19 E. Eagle Rd)

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The Bible For Life: A Three Year Plan

Students who attend Middle School Youth Group will develop a framework over the course of three years that will help them know Jesus, become contributing servers in their communities, and engage their culture. The curriculum also helps strengthen families by equipping parents to have spiritual conversations with their students.

Incredible Events: Creating Moments That Lead To Movements

Our year is filled with amazing events, each one with its own meaningful purpose. Parties, Worship Nights, Retreats, and Service Projects are all Designed to Help Students Connect With Friends and Mentors, Pursue Jesus, and Respond in Worship.

Fall Launch Party // September 16

We start off the year with a night of fun and games! We will also introduce the leaders and give students a preview of what they can expect at youth group every Wednesday and what events they can look forward to participating in.

Night of Worship // September 17

We invite middle school students to join us the very next night for a night of worship with the high schoolers. We intentionally plan combined middle school and high school events and what better way to start the school year than to together spend a night focusing on the grace and beauty of God.

Breakaway Retreat // September 25-27

Join us as we gather with nearly 500 other middle school students from around the area to have fun, enjoy free, play crazy games, and hear about the God who loves us. The price of the retreat is $120 per student. Find registration forms and more information HERE.

OCC Packing Party // November 18

Each year we partner with Operation Christmas Child and pack as many shoeboxes as we can to send to children all over the world. We give students instructions for what to buy for their shoeboxes, then have a packing party where we fill the boxes, pray for them, and have fun doing it. It’ a party with a cause!

Christmas Party // December 16

Our last night of youth group before taking a couple weeks off for Christmas and New Years. We celebrate with a costume party and some holiday treats and games! It’s always a great time!

Winter Retreat // January 29-31

Our annual Winter Retreat at Camp Shiloh is always a big hit! Our high school and middle school students travel to Northern New Jersey with 20 adult leaders to spend a weekend together playing games, doing team-building exercises, worshiping God, and learning about the good news of Jesus.

Spring Party // March 23

We take a break in the middle of our Spring season to have another youth group party. This is night of games and hanging out. We then take the following week off for Spring Break before starting back up in April.

End of Year Party

This end of year party is a little different than the other parties. Our main goal is to celebrate all that God did throughout the year. We show video highlights and give students opportunities to share memorable moments. It’s a great way to end!

Night of Worship

Just as we start the year with a night of praise and worship, we end the year with one as well. The middle schoolers are invited to join the high schoolers for the worship portion of high school youth group. Through these experiences, we hope that students grasp that the chief end of man is to glorify God.

Those Are The Main Events, Here Is Our Complete Calendar

  • 1/6: God Values You and Has a Purpose for Your Life

  • 1/13: Adopted Into God’s Family

  • 1/20: Freed by God’s Forgiveness

  • 1/27: Saved by God’s Son

  • 1/29-31: Winter Retreat: “Loved by Our Heavenly Father”

  • 2/3: Strengthened by God’s Power

  • 2/10: Equipped with God’s Gifts

  • 2/17: Used in God’s Service

  • 2/24: Cherished in God’s Eyes

  • 3/2: Standing Out in a Broken World

  • 3/9: Standing Out with My Character

  • 3/16: Standing Out with My Influence

  • 3/23: Spring Party

  • 3/30: No Youth Group

  • 4/6: Standing Out with My Approach to Conflict

  • 4/13: Standing Out with My Relationships

  • 4/20: Standing Out with My Reactions

  • 4/27: Standing Out with My Love

  • 5/4: Parent’s Choice

  • 5/11: Parent’s Choice

  • 5/18: Parent’s Choice

  • 5/25: End of Year Party

  • 6/22: Summer Party

  • 7/17-22: Philadelphia Project

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What Else? The Gospel Project Sunday Mornings at 9:00a at Grace Chapel

In addition to the midweek gathering and special events, we also offer a Bible learning environment on Sunday mornings at 9:00a in room 208 at Grace Chapel. Students learn the story of the Bible over the course of three years and become familiar with 99 key doctrines of Christianity.

Journey Through The Storyline of Scripture

Starting in the Fall of 2015, we will launch an entirely new, Gospel-centered, chronological study that will take students through the narrative of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, students will discover the big picture of what God as been doing throughout history, and how they fit into that great story.

99 Doctrines Learned Over 3 Years

Throughout the three-year study, each session will highlight key doctrines of the Christian faith in a way that is understandable for students. The goal is to not only help participants grasp essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith, but to also see how these essential doctrines can help increase love for God and love for others.


Active Learning: Engaging Every Learning Style.

We believe students benefit most when learning is active, not passive. Rather than make students sit in rows to listen to a lecture, we break them up into groups (called “mixer groups”) where they travel through various activity stations with an adult leader who guides them through the process. For example, the first station might be a small group study, the second a game that reinforces the themes, and the third an activity that encourages them to synthesize the content and create something with it.

Partnering With Families: Resources To Help You Raise Your Teenager

Research has shown that parenting adolescents is the most stressful stage of life. thankfully its not a stage you have to walk through alone. There are many resources available to assist you and your family. Here are our recommendations.

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